At Cohesion we ensure the people who join our team align with and have an affinity to our values. We know however that our people are individuals each adding something unique to the services we provide our clients.

Our values, processes and procedures provide the structures within which our team can express themselves and which provide a common bond that ensures we are consistent in all we do.

Paul Bailes

Managing Director

An enthusiastic marketing and design professional with a passion for building brands.

Paul has over thirty years’ experience designing and implementing corporate identities, brand management systems and marketing comms, He has worked in house for Independent Insurance being responsible for the in-house design team and the company’s brand identity, and agency side for Integrity Design Management, working with Volkswagen UK to implement the global Volkswagen identity concept across the UK setting in place the tools and support necessary to ensure that a consistent client managed identity.

Paul established Cohesion in 2003, a marketing comms agency with a business focus. He is an advocate of self-improvement, ensuring that both he and Cohesion stay current and relevant.

Invicta Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year 2008
Member of the Chartered Society of Designers

Sarah Price

Senior Designer

Sarah loves all things creative and has over 20 years working in the design industry. She  has worked in a number of agencies (some big, some small) turning her hand to a variety of design disciplines and creative briefs including corporate identity, branding, brochures, packaging, retail, exhibition, and web for a number of high profile clients (to name a few, Lancome, ESPA, Tesco, Lloyds TSB, Tate and Lyle and McDonalds).

Sarah loves going abroad and enjoyed working for a large studio in Hamburg, Germany.

In her spare time, Sarah can be found nipping out over the fields for a run. Sarah is also partial to a cup of tea!

Kym Mumford


Being in love with art from an early age, Kym pursued a foundation diploma in Art and Design, followed by a year of Photography, and a degree in Computer Animation Arts.

Keen to continue developing her expertise and broaden her knowledge in a creative production environment, Kym joined the Cohesion team as a Designer.

Since joining Kym has worked on a number of client projects, from animation and web design to print work, learning new techniques and expanding her skillset.

In her spare time Kym can be found with her nose buried in a book or on holiday with friends.

Suzanna Bailes

Account Manager

Suzanna’s been involved with Cohesion since 2003, initially in back office functions and, from 2007, in a more client facing role with responsibility for looking after client needs.

A fully trained bi-lingual PA, Suzanna passed both French shorthand and audio exams and speaks German. For over 20 years she worked at CEO level across a variety of sectors which can be summed up as “wine, women and song” having worked for a fine wine importer, dating agency and a music school.

Suzanna possesses a keen eye for detail and is never afraid to question where she is unsure of what is being asked, especially where it’s at odds with the original request. She’s seldom fazed by seemingly impossible deadlines and is motivated by giving great service at all times. To relax, Suzanna loves watching her daughters play football.

Mazy Bailes

Office Rascal

Mazy is Cohesion’s very own office dog. A lovable rascal, Mazy helps keep morale high with her buoyant energy and playful antics. Her enthusiasm in the workplace is infectious and she always enjoys greeting visitors to Cohesion with a warm welcome.

Mazy enjoys trying to share everyone’s lunch and has developed a heightened sense of hearing, being able to detect the slightest rustle of tin foil or any other food wrapper anywhere within the office.

Outside of the office her in true beagle tradition she likes nothing more than to be in the countryside on the scent of foxes and rabbits. Thankfully she’s not caught one yet.