Royal Mail Fleet


Royal Mail Fleet has one of the largest nationwide fleets of commercial vehicles in the UK. The vehicles are maintained in their own workshops but these are rarely at capacity with maintaining their own fleet. In order to maximise skills and resources, Royal Mail decided to offer staff and their family/friends access to vehicle servicing at a competitive rate thus giving them an additional income stream but also an additional benefit for their staff.

They approached us to create an identity and supporting marketing material for this new initiative.

In addition, we were also briefed to organise branded items and exhibition pop ups for the Royal Mail Fleet operation.


Having understood the business drivers for Royal Mail to gain maximum revenue from their assets, we brainstormed reasons why Royal Mail staff would choose to get their car serviced at the Royal Mail workshops to define their proposition and onliness prior to starting any creative work.


With agreement on the onliness statement, we then focussed on the associated identity for the proposition which had to fit with existing Royal Mail Fleet guidelines whilst being distinct.

We presented a number of concepts all of which had a soft friendly feel to support the concept of helping hands, having your car serviced by your colleagues. With the logo agreed, an illustrative approach was decided upon as it was felt this gave a warmer friendlier feel. This was then applied to the marketing collateral for launch.


The campaign has been great success and was delivered on time and on budget – the Autocare proposition not only met, but it also exceeded, its sales target for the year, generating revenue of over £500,000.

Due to the success of the project we were retained by Royal Mail fleet to create additional marketing materials for autocare and also for themselves.

November 2016

Royal Mail Fleet

Sarah Price

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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