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Pool Re is the insurance industry’s mutual for insuring terrorism risk in Great Britain. Established in 1993 by the UK Government in response to the untenable losses and uncertainty caused by the Provisional IRA’s devastating bombings in financial centres in London and Manchester during The Troubles. As a result of the attacks, insurance cover was withdrawn for commercial property, meaning that the economy, industry, and the taxpayer were highly vulnerable to future attacks.

Pool Re exists to correct market failure, protect the UK economy, and safeguard society and livelihoods from acts of terrorism. It provides a financial safety net for around £2.2 trillion of assets and businesses of all sizes, from shopping centres and local traders to airports and power grids, across sectors of the economy such as real estate, retail, transport, construction and energy.


Terrorism changes in ways that natural catastrophe perils cannot, and this presents unique challenges. The threat is no longer confined to bombs, it now includes chemical and biological techniques, drones, cyber, vehicles or knives. In order to reflect this the organisation has undergone an incredible transformation throughout the past five years, closing protection gaps, increasing cover, investing significantly in terrorism threat research and analytics, risk management tools and the most up-to-date bomb blast modelling. They have combined these specialist teams into a new division called SOLUTIONS.

This transformative evolution was the catalyst for Pool Re to ask us to develop their brand, refreshing it to reflect their aspirations to be recognised as the UK’s leading experts in terrorism risk.


We began by really getting under the skin of the organisation. One way in which we initiated this was with a brand workshop where we explored why the organisation exists, and how far the brand can be pushed to reflect this. Then having defined the refreshed Pool Re brand in the foundations document we had a benchmark against which the creative work could be scrutinised.


A key requirement of the refresh was that the creativity should reflect a modern progressive organisation while not losing sight of its past. This was achieved in the logo by retaining the typographic style but combining it with a new icon of a shield. The shield was selected for its association with security, strength, protection and defence. We added some energetic colours to the colour pallet, a modern sans serif font and engaging imagery. These creative building blocks were applied to designs for all new marketing collateral, which also included the development of a new website.


By this phase of the project we were well underway in creating the necessary marketing resources. We focused on the details ensuring we provided a range of opportunities to Pool Re to expand their resources, such as co-ordinating leaflets, brochures and PowerPoint Templates.


Cohesion’s organised and disciplined approach lead our company through a major brand overhaul and new website easily and without complication. We had high expectations for the visual look and functionality of our new website, and they met and exceeded our expectations. We have received a range of compliments regarding the functionality, accessibility and design of our new website, and look forward to working with Cohesion in the near future on other projects.

Claire Matyus-Flynn, Head of Marketing and Events

Sep 2019

Pool Re

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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