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Pitch DMM App is a simple to use app created by the founder of Dice Matrix Model (DMM) a data analysis tool designed to give businesses access to insightful data so they can prepare future strategy. The app gives football fans who want to be able to record and exchange their views on their team’s performance with other fans. Unlike other fan forums, the app uses emojis rather than text to allow fans to quickly record their views. The long-term vision of the app is to link it to the sports product DMM offer.

The brief was to create an identity and supporting material for the app.


Our approach when considering possible logo designs was to ensure there was not only a link back to DMM, but also that the logo could transition across other sports and countries without the need to be redesigned in order to add some future proofing to our work. As no brand proposition had been clearly defined, we collaborated with our client to define and refine the onliness statement to provide a foundation on which we could design.


Our concepts explored a number of ideas but the club badge shape was settled on as this gave the most scope for future developments. The final colour pallet was based on the existing DMM brand.

Having agreed the identity, we collaborated with our client in applying it to the look and feel of the app. We also developed the marketing material, looking at the messaging and design.


The client was impressed with the presentation of the ideas for the identity, particularly with the consideration taken to ensure a link to the parent group and to future-proof the identity. The launch was a success and the bold avatar helped them gain in excess of 2,500 followers in just under a year.

September 2017

Dice Matrix Model

Rob Wellings/
Paul Bailes


Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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