Key Women in Business Magazine Rebrand


Key Women in Business originally began its existence as Kent Women in Business – a printed magazine aimed at business women in Kent. Running a printed magazine is a challenging business to keep going in the 21st century with much content available for free on the internet.

To extend the reach of the magazine and make it accessible and viable moving forward it was decided to move the magazine to online only and change the name to Key Women in Business so it was not limited to any geographical area.


All brands need a foundation and we used two tools (the brand onion and onliness statement) to develop these for the magazine. The output being something tangible everyone could get behind and which underpinned the visual identity.


Having defined brand values this allowed us to undertake a design process in which the new logo was developed along with the visual identity which could be applied to marketing communications including the Website, Mailchimp newsletter and promotional materials.


The Brand refresh has resulted in KWIB being named in the top ten of the Top 10 UK Women’s Magazines by

Subscriptions at the highest level since formation.

Almost 3k followers on Twitter in less than 1 year.

January 2018

Key Women in Business

Paul Bailes

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