International & Multicultural Role Models in Insurance


The insurance and financial services profession is perceived as a stale and male dominated industry with few females reaching senior positions. Additionally, the profession struggles to attract top talent and is rarely considered as the first-choice profession for those leaving education and seeking their first full-time job. With more of a focus on gender and possibly in the future, ethnicity reporting, our client wanted to showcase the work they and other organisations are doing to positively change pre-conceptions and to showcase the value of having a diverse workforce in all its forms – gender, ethnicity and culturally.


This project was a follow up to the first in the organisation’s joint diversity initiative which, with the support of Insurance Supper Club (ISC), celebrated the achievements of some 25 women who worked in the industry in a number of senior roles. Again, with input from ISC and also the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN) we proposed that similar promotional brochures were produced that featured the stories of those from different cultures, countries or those simply carving a successful career in an industry against a backdrop of either an ordinary or extraordinary circumstances. We felt it was important that rather than just showcasing ‘the extraordinary’, insurance needed to be seen to be an accessible career choice for everyone – and that indeed the industry itself was changing
because of the work they were doing and by employing a more diverse workforce reflective of society.

As with the Inspirational Women in Risk, both documents adopted a lifestyle magazine approach since each contributor was given a double page spread with a single large personal, non- business image with a smaller formal business focussed shot. Their biographical content focused as much on their personal background as well as their business successes to show the more human side of the industry.

We carefully chose quotes to use on the page to stimulate and retain the reader’s interest – some were work related regarding the contributor’s own journey while others were much more personal. Strong typography and imagery added energy and character to the pages which were individual to the contributors themselves but gave the publication a consistent style.


Both publications have met with a positive response from the joint sponsors – iCAN and ISC – they have also been popular with the contributors themselves. Whilst each publication is a stand-alone document, they have a similar look and feel so are very much a suite. The response to the “Changing Perceptions” document has elicited a request to use the material as resource for students attending the Applachian State University as they are working on diversity and inclusion.

January 2019

The Chartered Insurance Institute

Sarah Price

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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