Insuring Women's Futures Report


Following on from a previous report our client had undertaken in 2016, our brief was to design the next report for 2017, which contained more detailed research into the financial futures of females in the UK. Having collated the results of the research, it needed to be presented in some kind of context that would engage the audience making it feel real and not just a report of figures and data.


Our starting point was to design a series of spreads based on a small selection of the initial data to develop an approach that our client was happy with. On receipt of copy, it was clear that the findings were not only significant, they were also more complicated and this required further design modifications as the create process continued.

Our solution was to develop an icon based and diagrammatic approach that brought the data to life and which presented it in a life journey approach. It became clear early on that to achieve this the document needed to be landscape in format.


The report received widespread praise for the way complex material had been presented in a clearly defined way thus opening it to a much wider audience.

It has also enabled our client to have a report that can be used to not only open up but also continue to drive conversations with industry stakeholders and government departments to look to implement change in the way insurance and finance needs to be considered for the future well being of the younger generations to produce better economic outcomes for everyone.

The graphics and icons created for the report have been used for a successful social media campaign. They are synonymous with the report and its findings so much so that they are able to be used on other material as a visual link back to this piece of work.

January 2018

Chartered Insurance Institute

Paul Bailes

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