FTRC: Empowering Advice Through Technology Event Material


Our client, the Personal Finance Society, had agreed to organise a one day event in association with one of their Partner organisations – FTRC. The event was to explore how the financial services profession could better enhance customer outcomes through the use of technology whilst simultaneously driving up profitability.

We were briefed to provide them with an event identity and supporting collateral so that they could drive up attendance at the event. The identity was to be striking, intriguing and would be used on ecomms/social media postings as well as on pull up banners to be used to dress the event venue.


Having brainstormed how to visually present the stated outcomes of the event, we presented four different concepts to demonstrate companies gaining greater control of their business via use of technologies. Our client loved the concept of a futuristic graphic hand as a puppet to illustrate taking control and being able to manipulate the different technologies through which the individual’s goals and desired outcomes of increased productivity can be realised.


The colours employed were striking and added to the futuristic feel of what is to come for the industry.

Having settled on the visual identity, we then created a series of images to be used on our client’s social feeds – Twitter/LinkedIn as well as ecomm headers and bespoke registration site.

Cost effective single use pull up banners were commissioned and used on the stage on the day of the event itself.


The event was heavily promoted using the identity we created not only by the event organisers themselves but also by a lot of attendees who opted to use the social media imagery on their own feeds. The event itself was a success for our client and their partner with attendees giving fantastic feedback of the day.

May 2019

Personal Finance Society

Sarah Price

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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