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The banking and financial planning industry has a reputation within the public for being self-serving and untrustworthy. When the Personal Finance Society saw an opportunity to be able to redress this perception via some pro-bono work with an armed forces charity, it recognised that its members were ideally placed to give qualified professional advice to gain better outcomes for the service personnel – a win/win for everyone.

The opportunity had arisen within the armed forces to help sick and injured personnel and veterans to make better informed decisions regarding their financial circumstances, particularly in instances where service personnel found themselves in receipt of significant amounts of money and were in need of good professional advice. One of the key requirements was that the material should refrain from using the word “hero” or sugest heroism since feedback from service personnel was they sometimes felt uncomfortable with this expression as they neither viewed themselves as heroes and nor did they want to feel pitied.

To help communicate the scheme we were tasked to create an brand identity and series of communications.


Taken into consideration that “hero” was not to be used, or featured, it was important to us that there was a sense of pride since it is core to the identity of all of the 3 services.

The natural starting point was to create an identity that ex -members of the armed focrces could relate to so we looked at the colour used within the nation flag – the Union Jack.

We then considered colours associated with the main services themselves (air, land and sea) since they would also resonate with forces personnel.

We came up with alternative campaign names since the working title was very wordy and would be difficult to use in heading/sub headings on marketing material.

Following agreement of the final logo and identity we set about applying this to the marketing collateral using relevant copy and headlines.


The identity for the initiative met with positive comments from not only the PFS but also the Armed Forces since they felt it avoided any perceived sense of heroism coming from being injured which forces personnel often felt uncomfortable with. The initiative and collateral developed for launch has generated sufficient interest from PFS members to be rolled out not only to the initial target group but will now be further rolled out with another forces charity.

June 2017

Personal Finance Society

Dan Battams-Scott/
Tillie Berry

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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