EC3 Raconteur Sponsorship


EC3 is a law firm that specialises in the insurance sector and it had agreed to sponsor a Raconteur report into the future of insurance. We were brief to design a banner that promoted both sides of the business; the legal side which provides advice and the consultants side which helps companies with the application of the law.


Each side of the business has its own proposition and our creative approach was an analogy of the human brain which, while a holistic organ, different sides are responsible for different functions.

Our design had one side of the brain in a monotone style reflective of the black and white nature of the law to represent the legal side of the business, “legal insights”; the other side of the brain was multi-coloured and more fluid representing the challenges in the application of the law. This represented the consultant’s side of the business – “business know-how”.


The banner ad was well received by the publisher who felt it was graphically strong and fitted well with the publication. EC3 themselves had a good response with inbound enquiries.

April 2018

EC3 Legal

Paul Bailes

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