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In the latter part of 2016, we helped EC3 refresh and update their brand identity to make it more contemporary and vibrant. Following on from this, we were asked to apply a new design to a new website. but they did not wish to change from their existing Joomla platform.


After consulting with EC3, we established that they wanted to use their website to generate inbound marketing via the promotion of thought leadership articles from the various partners.

We therefore reviewed their existing site and cross referenced the services offered with the specialisms of each partner/solicitor against the thought leadership piece that they had written to produce a clear plan.

Once we had agreed the design and schematic for the site, we then created spec sheets for the page layouts and templates for their web contractor to use to build the site. We also created all of the graphics used within the site and oversaw the build for them working with their web contractor.

Post launch of the updated site, they requested that we took over maintaining the website for them.

July 2017

EC3 Legal

Kym Mumford

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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