Davies Innovation Lab Communications


Companies which thrive in business are the ones that are constantly coming up with new innovative ideas. To achieve this many business are leveraging the knowledge and expertise they already have within their business ie their employees – who work in the business on a daily basis. Davies Group set up their own innovation lab for exactly these reasons and our brief was very simple. – Davies had decided on the concept of a rocket to launch their new ideas and innovation. Our job was to bring this to life.


The first part of the process was to story board how the element of their logo could morph into a rocket. During this process we came up with a number of formulations for this.

Once the final formulation was chosen we were then able to animate this creating movie/avatar.


The avatar helped catch the imagination of Davies employees with the initiative being successful and resulted in a higher than expected number of submissions.

October 2017

The Davies Group

Kym Mumford

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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