Davies Group Website


Having already been through a rebrand in 2014, the structure of Davies Group has changed. They wanted to reflect this and their new brand positioning in a new website. They also wanted to reduce the cost of ownership of their new website by being able to update content themselves on a scalable platform.


The starting point was two-fold: firstly a web platform that delivered their needs and secondly a design which reflected their new brand structure and updated visual identity.

To achieve the first we opted for the WordPress platform, which being open source, means there are many third-party plugins and themes available at an affordable cost. This then played into the second objective as having collaborated over design and structure with our client, we were able to develop their website using a WordPress theme configuring it using addition plugins and coding.

With the structure complete, we set about building the website designing the imagery and messaging ready for launch. As part of the project we provided training to the client on the use of the CMS so they could keep the content up to date on a daily basis.

September 2017

The Davies Group

Kym Mumford

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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