Davies Brand Update


We were originally engaged by Davies Group in 2014 to rebrand the organisation following its merger with Garwyn. As a company Davies has and is continuing to grow the business and this has meant further acquisitions. As the organisation has grown it has looked at its offerings to the market and decided it needed to revisit its brand position and in 2017 we were further engaged to assist them with this.


Collaborating with the CEO and his Exco team we revisited the old brand and in a series of workshops worked through their new vision for the organisation moving forward. Through this work, the structure of the whole organisation was radically reviewed with a new proposition emerging.


As a brand Davies has always tried to position itself as more energetic and forward thinking than its competitors and this was reflected in the bright colour pallet of its identity. Following the Think phase the desire was to look to retain this design approach but to also make it feel more established, especially given the amount of financial investment being made in the Group. To achieve this, shades of black were introduced and the bright colour pallet used more restrictively.

As the company is now heavily positioning itself in the technology space, the imagery was chosen to reflect this and it also has a more glossy feel. With this work done, it was then applied to a new group website to communicate the changes to prospects and customers.


The brand update continues to support the goals and aspirations of the organisation as it continues to acquire new companies, develop new products and services and win industry awards.

July 2017

The Davies Group

Paul Bailes

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