Corporate Chartered Consultation Response


Our client (the CII) had undertaken a consultation and market review of their corporate Chartered proposition which is a central part of their strategy to help promote and build public trust in the insurance and finance profession. Having been in existence for 10 years, they wanted to ensure that the proposition remained fit for purpose and relevant for the next 10 years.

The brief was to take the rather dry and ‘legalise’ style text and to consider ways in which it could be presented in a more engaging manner. The content could be considered as complicated so there was a need for it to be presented in a way which would be simple to understand. In addition, the response document was to include an extract of the findings from an independent consultancy. A further requirement was for a supporting sales aid to be used to promote the benefits of corporate Chartered proposition to potential new companies at a flagship trade show.


Our design used imagery on the front cover to suggest quality through the use of the gold colour which is associated with being of the highest quality and standard. It also suggested movement through use of blurred motion. In order meet the brief of a light, engaging read, we looked at the content and removed the formal, legal numbering style to sections. Instead, we introduced icons, infographics and colour to signpost changes and bring the document to life.

We also included 2 throwout pages to enable the reader to see the key changes at a glance without the flow of information being interrupted due to the constraints of the document size.

For the supporting sales aid, we used the same imagery and iconography to give a visual link between the document. We opted for a roll fold format, again providing a sense of a mirror of the throwout but which would also prove the most cost effective format for printing given the content to be included.


The finished consultation response document was well-received by our client it flowed seamlessly which had been a concern given it was originally intended that it would be three distinct documents. By replicating the content in the report without the background detail around the changes and the reasons for those changes, a cost effective sales aid was created that promoted the values and benefits associated with holding the title.

April 2019

The Chartered Insurance Institute

Sarah Price

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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