CII Welcome Pack


Having undergone a brand refresh we were briefed to design a document that would be used by the CII to inform new employees with regards to the organisation’s values, beliefs, market place and proposition using the new identity.


Previously new staff were given a folder and extensive printed document detailing all the policies and procedures that they needed to be aware of. In collaboration with the HR and Communications teams, we agreed that it would be better to move most of the procedural information online.

This allowed for a much more engaging overview of the organisation and its history to be designed as a shorter booklet. We brought the pages to life by using a mixture of imagery and infographic style icons and charts for key information.


HR love the new format which is modern, visually engaging and portrays the organisation as modern yet with a proud history.

Due to the limited number of pages in this document we were able to bring the production cost for this item down. This has given greater flexibility in being able to keeping the content up to date and get new editions printed.

July 2018

Chartered Insurance Institute

Sarah Price

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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