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The Chartered Insurance Institute has recently undergone a brand refresh and wanted to take the opportunity to revisit its marketing material.

As the main provider of qualifications in the regulated insurance and financial planning profession, it has a lot of information regarding course content and examinations that needs to be communicated to members, and non-members, studying for their qualifications. These details are updated on an annual basis. The content was considered dry and in need of updating in respect of the look/feel of it.


A key driver of the brand refresh was to give the Chartered Insurance Institute a modern, fresh look whilst retaining its standing as the professional body whose primary purpose is to ensure public good is at the heart of all it does. Having been in existence for over 100 years, it has a reputation for being traditional while the wider industry is also perceived as male dominated and uninteresting.

To begin to change perceptions around the high proportion of ‘grey suits’, we decided in collaboration with our client to radically change not only the design but also size and imagery used in their flagship qualification catalogue.

We opted for a B5 format as a less formal and more personable style of document.

Previous qualification material was documented over 3 brochures with a number of smaller flyers for more niche qualifications and which were distributed in a folder. The emphasis of the previous material was more of a technical document focussing in greater detail on the technical completion requirements of a specific exam. The Chartered Insurance Institute wanted to move to a more person centric approach where members were taken through a journey of how the qualifications could be used to enhance and maximise employment opportunities within the profession as they gained more experience and qualifications.

The CII’s exam portfolio is extensive and the flexibility of choice of units to study means that the content can be seen as over-complex and overwhelming if it is not presented in a way which is easy to understand.

Our proposal for the revised handbook took on board the desire to be more person-centric and, working with our client, the alternative layouts resulted in a rationalised yet still useful directory of qualifications.

More importantly, the technical information was moved to their website, allowing for the brochure to engage people more easily as they could follow the more detailed case studies presented and recognise themselves in at particular stage of their careers.

It allowed the CII to show that it saw qualifications as a method by which people are able to maximise their potential rather than the achievement of any single qualification itself being the end goal.

We used colour coding from their new palette to assist with signposting the different assessment methods and also to differentiate between insurance and financial planning examination pathways given they are not interchangeable.

This solution allowed for a single brochure to be produced which would be more useful for the sales team and would assist selling as the proposition is much simpler to understand. To further help them achieve greater take up, an overview of the changes to the technical material was included as a stand-alone 4pp document of the same size. These were packaged together via a bellyband which was personalised with both the recipient’s details and also the sales person’s details – an inexpensive but effective method which was again, slightly unusual, and therefore memorable.

New corporate fonts and colour palettes were used and the imagery was chosen to reflect the wider make-up of society and which also reflected the way in which people now work and study. If people associated themselves with the images in the brochure, they are more likely to challenge assertions of the profession being dull.


The distinctive look to the new material has resulted in more requests than in previous years for copies from people wanting to sign up to study for a qualification with the CII. As a result, the document has had to be reprinted twice. The sales team have given positive feedback on the response they receive on the material when presenting to new client.

January 2018

The Chartered Insurance Institute

Paul Bailes

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