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Published data on gender equality and diversity within the insurance profession confirms perception that it is dominated by white males with few females reaching senior positions.

In order to be more reflective of society as a whole, work is needed to shift the needle towards a more equally balanced workforce. Our brief was to create marketing material to support the CII’s initiative to raise awareness and drive change.


Although not legally required to publish their Gender Pay Figures, our client wanted to use the opportunity to showcase the positive action they are taking to improve the position within their own organisation and to also expand the campaign for the profession about the positive benefits being more inclusive in respect of gender, ethnicity and disability can bring.

In consultation with the HR department, we have created a series of documents that work as both stand-alone material in their own right but can also be considered as a suite of reference guides to drive positive actions by companies across the industry.

The designs make use of the extensive colour palette of the client’s new identity and their new image style of using natural rather than overtly staged stock shots to give the leaflets a more normal, inclusive feel. We have deliberately chosen a mixture of females and males of different cultural backgrounds well as a mixture of ages and other attributes such as females with tattoos that will challenge perception of the profession as stereotypically white men in their 50s.

A series of icons were created to represent the protected characteristics under the disability discrimination act and these icons are used across all materials to give a visual language and link.

Charts and graphs were simply drawn and placed on the page to break up text heavy content and to make them easy to understand and images staff who were the subject of case studies were deliberately informal/personal shots, again to emphasise the diverse personalities working within the organisation.


The material has been used to promote and reinforce workshops held by the HR department. They have proved popular with recipients and requests for additional copies have been received.

January 2018

Chartered Insurance Institute

Paul Bailes/
Sarah Price

Paul Bailes
Creative Director

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