Branding Experiential Marketing Offline Online

The creative industry can help businesses get ready for a brand new world Now in the 10th week of lockdown, the Government assertions that that economy will be able to…

Branding Experiential Marketing Offline Online

Two Ears and One Mouth – the Importance of Collaborative Design

According to the Greek philosopher Epictetus, “we are born with 2 ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak”. A piece of advice regularly…

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Psychology for online marketing

Everyday we are surrounded by online marketing strategies that subconsciously play a huge role in the actions we take online. Every minute 200 million emails are sent, 220,000 posts are…

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Flat web design – a trend to adopt?

Over the last few years we have seen a transition within the design industry towards flat design. Essentially flat design is a style evolution that was first introduced into the…

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Visual Social Marketing: Instagram or Pinterest?

With a multitude of social medias readily available for businesses to use, it is sometimes hard to tell which will benefit your company the most, if at all. Photography sharing…

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Websites: back to basics

We are currently living in an age where websites are no longer simple pages of information and user interactivity can have a big impact on functionality. With designs becoming more…

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Global Domination on mobile

Mobile phones are constantly changing, evolving and improving. Today’s mobile phones, or should I say smart phones have provided us with powerful computers in our pockets. From the one trillion…

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Visual content marketing

It’s a fact; 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual – brands that embrace visual content see a return on investment. Savvy brands focus on making…

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Digital healthcare marketing

There’s a widespread evolution in digital healthcare marketing. Digital marketing has opened up a wealth of potential for new pathways to engagement for healthcare organisations. Brand engagement Healthcare branding offers…

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Social Media Marketing in Business

In a continually evolving age of digital media, businesses can often be blind to the relevance of social media integration for their business marketing activities and may fail to understand…