Branding Experiential Marketing Offline Online

The creative industry can help businesses get ready for a brand new world Now in the 10th week of lockdown, the Government assertions that that economy will be able to…

Branding Experiential Marketing Offline Online

Two Ears and One Mouth – the Importance of Collaborative Design

According to the Greek philosopher Epictetus, “we are born with 2 ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak”. A piece of advice regularly…

Laptop with colourful powdered paint coming out the screen
Experiential Marketing

The power of colour

Colours are omnipresent. They are one of the most powerful branding tools used by businesses. If used correctly, colours can be highly advantageous creating instantaneous links to a company’s advertising and…

Top view of a computer on a desk
Marketing Online

Psychology for online marketing

Everyday we are surrounded by online marketing strategies that subconsciously play a huge role in the actions we take online. Every minute 200 million emails are sent, 220,000 posts are…

Phone with icons representing apps floating off it.
Branding Marketing

Branding: A brave new world

The modern day term branding is believed to have been derived from the Old Norse term to burn – ‘brandr’. Historically, cattle, slaves and crockery were branded with hot irons…

Close up of a phone screen showing social media apps
Marketing Online

Visual Social Marketing: Instagram or Pinterest?

With a multitude of social medias readily available for businesses to use, it is sometimes hard to tell which will benefit your company the most, if at all. Photography sharing…

mind map of a creative process
Branding Marketing

What is design strategy?

We have all heard the term ‘strategy’ used at some point during our working lives but what does it mean? It’s interesting to uncover the intricate layers of what the…

Close up of an eye with colourful lights lighting up the image
Marketing Online

Visual content marketing

It’s a fact; 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual – brands that embrace visual content see a return on investment. Savvy brands focus on making…

healthcare icons
Marketing Online

Digital healthcare marketing

There’s a widespread evolution in digital healthcare marketing. Digital marketing has opened up a wealth of potential for new pathways to engagement for healthcare organisations. Brand engagement Healthcare branding offers…

A heart hovering in between someones hands
Branding Marketing

Healthcare branding: delivering on promises

Today, patients have more choices than ever when it comes to healthcare. Whether it’s about which GP to see, which hospital to go to or even which healthcare app to…