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Davies Rebrand


The Davies Group


Paul Bailes

Our brief

To support their planned growth, the acquisition of Garwyn and future acquisitions, Davies Group briefed us to review their brand and 
visual identity.

Updating the brand and visual identity will signify and support change within the Group.

The keyword in reviewing the brand identity is ‘simplification’, the purpose of which is to support the development of a strong brand identity.

What we did

Think: We began the project by better understanding the Davies Group and their customers, undertaking gap analysis using Dice Matrix. Also during this phase of the project we undertook competitor analysis. Both these activities informed our collaboration with the senior management team and the development of the brand foundations.

Design: Using the information from the Think phase, logo concepts were developed as was the brand hierarchy. The design of a structure that simplified the structure of the Group was key. Having applied this work to concepts we were able to move to the next stage.

Create: Having developed the brand foundations and explored visually the design and corporate identity, we were able to progress the creation of the brand collateral, starting with a new website and the launch of the new brand.


The rebrand has reinvigorated Davies. The bright colours and new brand language have engaged employees, bringing them together to embrace the values of the brand that will drive change and success for the Group.

"The key was for the re-brand to give us a new framework and mind-set from which to build.  It has enabled us to bring our businesses closer together.
For us reimagining means challenging everything we do, and also challenging what our clients do. By reimagining, we believe we can be more useful to our clients, stay ahead of the competition, and grow."

Dan Saulter  CEO  Davies Group