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Personal Finance Society Officers' Conference


The Personal Finance Society


Daniel Battams-Scott

Creative Director

Paul Bailes

Our brief

We were briefed to update the identity for the Personal Finance Society Officers’ Conference. This annual event sees volunteers from each regional institute come together to be updated on developments throughout the organisation. The theme needed to embrace the coming together of members from all over the UK, sharing knowledge and insight.

What we did

Think: Working around this theme we explored ideas of being ‘in sync’ and 'working together' as a team. This was taken further in order to help illustrate the many benefits that come from working together.

Design: Our concept of a team rowing was the chosen option to be developed and the tagline of ‘Pulling together’ fitted well. Once the identity was developed our designs explored its application on the collateral needed for the event.

Create: The final stage was to take the chosen designs and create artwork for production of the collateral required.


The newly design identity provided a fresh theme for the officers’ conference, and the graphics helped to underpin the event purpose of working together to share knowledge and insight.