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Creative Director

Paul Bailes


Daniel Battams-Scott

Georgina Bennett

Web Developer

Georgina Bennett

Our Brief

To devise and implement a Christmas marketing campaign using a variety of media and channels in order to create a fun and engaging video for the audience, as well as demonstrating and developing staff skills and increasing brand awareness.

What we did

Think: Having conducted research into popular Christmas campaigns to understand what had been successful in engaging audiences, we sat down as a team and discussed how we could apply this to our own ideas. We wanted to ensure our campaign was engaging and fun. We brainstormed ideas regarding the delivery methods the campaign could use as we were keen to experiment with technology in a unique way, while maintaining budgetary constraints. We finalised an idea based around creating a Christmas themed mystery that would be distributed through an interactive video format.

Design: Having decided on our approach we experimented with some campaign themes and imagery in order to create a festive but professional identity. We then drew storyboards storyboards for an interactive campaign video that would involve the whole team and designed the graphical content for our website. By combining this with other channels in order to promote the campaign, such as social media and e-marketing, we were able to maximise audience engagement. 

Create: Having finalised the themes and identity of the campaign, we were then able to bring together all of the different channels, in order to create a consistent theme throughout. Character profiles were created and periodically released on social media to retain engagement. The interactive video was edited and produced and integrated into the dedicated website page. This integration allowed us to retain the website as a central hub for the campaign, where the audience could find all the information and post comments. A series of three e-flyers was created and sent out to over 1600 recipients keeping them engaged as the campaign progressed.


The marketing campaign has proved to be successful in that viewers responded well to the campaign, based on the amount of website visitors, comments and email opens. It has also been positive in that the audience saw the campaign as a fun Christmas video and also as a way of demonstrating the abilities of the Cohesion team.