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Davies 2015 BIBA Stand


The Davies Group


Paul Bailes

Our brief

Having worked with Davies to rebrand the Group and worked with HR to promote the brand messages internally we were engaged to design and construct the Davies stand at the 2015 BIBA exhibition. 

The brief required the design to be engaging and interactive to draw brokers to the stand and promote the new branding. The stand also needed to be reusable to maximise investment so it could be re-used at other events. Strategically Davies were investing in BIBA 2015 to align closer with brokers and MGA’s, an area they were targeting for further business growth so the marketing messaging needed to communicate this.

What we did

Think:  We considered what the marketing message would be and visually how it would be communicated. Given that a key criteria of the brief was to promote the new brand it became clear that the messaging should be an extension of the brand positioning. This also fitted with the approach being used for internal brand marketing - Reimagining claims - Reimagining Davies, Reimagining together.  

Design:  We developed the messaging further through our visual approach which had the word “together” constructed from simple people illustrations. This literally illustrated the meaning and visually linked back to the creative approach used in the rebrand.

Our concept had two methods of engaging and interacting with the delegates:

  1. Staff on the stand were armed with a smartphone attached to a “selfie stick” taking photos of themselves and delegates visiting the stand. The photos were printed out and then stuck on an area of the stand. The number of photos grew as more were added and resulted in a constant change to the stand as the event progressed. This activity was designed to reinforce the “Together” messaging. 
  2. A competition playing on the “key to success” used in the tag line. The competition saw delegates choose a key to open up a transparent acrylic door behind which they could win a prize hidden inside the large golden key.

Stand design
The design of the stand supported the aims of the messaging and met the brief allowing:

  1. Promotion of the new brand 
  2. Opportunities to communicate the messaging 
  3. A place to engage with delegates.

Create:  In this phase of the project artwork and digital assets were created and with our stand building partner, Keyboard Group, we manufactured and installed the stand at the venue in readiness for the event. 


The stand provided a base for Davies at BIBA 2015 where they could engage with Brokers and MGA's in a space that communicated their ambitions for the event and which provided opportunities for delegates to be engaged. In addition it did this in a way that reflected the new brand and which signalled to the insurance marketplace the changes within the Davies Group.