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CII CPD Videos


The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

Creative Director

Paul Bailes


Daniel Battams-Scott 

Our brief

To create a series of continuing professional development multi-media presentations for distribution to members in an engaging and easy to digest format. As part of their membership obligations, members must complete a certain amount of study hours over the course of the year. Providing access to an online resource such as these presentations, is invaluable to members in being able to reach their study hours requirement.

What we did

Design:  As budget was limited, the time spent creating each presentation needed tight control. Having recorded the speakers narrating their powerpoint presentations, we then used the PPT files as a base to create each presentation. By designing easy to understand graphics in CII house style, and using imagery if appropriate, the final presentations had a uniformity and professional look to them despite the vastly different topics and each has a sense of belonging to a library of reference material rather than individual videos.

Create: In order to create the finished presentations, the PPT files were overlaid with the edited audio files to create a seamless video, hosted on the CII website and which can be accessed by members at their own convenience.


By giving CII members access to multimedia material, it helps CII to increase retention rates by assisting members in meeting CPD requirements without the added expense in both time and money in attending off site training days. With a suite of 45 professional presentations some corporate insurers now make training facilities available at lunchtimes so that groups of employees are able to watch the videos.