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Kent Neuroscience


Kent Neurosciences


Paul Bailes

Our brief

We were briefed to create a logo for Kent Neurosciences and a promotional brochure to be used to communicate the neuro-village the organisation is developing in Tunbridge Wells.

What we did

Think:  We started by understanding neurology and neurosciences, the marketplace and and the need for the services that Kent Neuroscience will provide. This helped to shape the “Design” phase.


Being a branch of science that deals with physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology of nerves and nervous tissue and especially their relation to behaviour and learning, the focus of our design for the logo centred around stylised connections, suggestive of the connections and nervous impulses within the human body.

The facility being developped at Tunbridge Wells by Kent Neuroscience will care for and support patients by providing high quality, state-of-the-art neurological medical services with professionalism and integrity. Patients' care and safety is placed first and foremost. These values needed to be reflected in our design. The colours used in the logo and corporate pallet also needed to have synergy with the vision and purpose of the organisation.

Create:  The final logo agreed, we progressed with the brochure design, creating a friendly and easy to read brochure that reflected the high quality service Kent Neurosciences will deliver. As a revolutionary idea in the care and support of people needing treatment in this field, it was important the brochure was aspirational as well as functional.


This key piece of marketing collateral has been used by Kent Neurosciences to stimulate interest in the project as well as assisting with financial investment for the Tunbridge Wells development.