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Alligator UK


Paul Bailes and Mark Bickerton

Our brief

To create on online directory in which buyer's of insurance could find information about products and services in a user friendly environment.

What we did

Think:  We took time to understand the competition of this new website and the users of this type of service. It was soon established that an easy to use graphical interface would provide a competitive advantage.

Design:  The first thing to do was to plan the site and develop wireframes detailing functionality required on each page. Next we set about designing the pages creating an interface that was easy to use to navigate and find information. While in this phase we also undertook some brand development work creating marketing collateral for use when launching the service.

Create:  Finally once the website structure, wireframes and page designs were agreed we set about building and testing the website to iron out any glitches prior to launch. 


In a highly competitive market place Alligator has started to carve out an niche for itself. The next phase of the project is now planned bringing onboard new features and migrating the website to a responsive design platform.