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KIMS Patient and Clinical Information


Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery


Paul Bailes and Jane Hanlon

Our brief

Supporting KIMS Marketing and Clinical Care teams we were briefed to provide information for KIMS Patients and Patient Care Pathway documents used within the hospital. 

What we did

Create:  Based on the brand guidelines that we created in collaboration with KIMS marketing team we created:

Patient information booklets - Designed as A5 landscape documents, easy to ready, providing information in a clear and simple format.

Patient care documents - Designed in collaboration with the Clinical Care team these were designed to support processes and procedures of the hospital, be clear and easy to use while following a consistent KIMS style.


The patient information booklets have received positive feedback from the public, providing the information required in a format that is clear and concise. The nursing and clinical staff have fed back that the forms are clear, easy to use and well laid out, thus reducing the likelihood of errors and reducing patient risk.