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ACE Customer Centric Comms


ACE Insurance


Paul Bailes and Jane Hanlon

Our brief

To support their customer value proposition ACE identified they needed to change staff behaviour.

Our brief was to develop a communications campaign that would engage staff and help drive change in behaviours in order to enable ACE to deliver its value proposition.

What we did

Think:  Through collaboration with ACE we understood the value proposition and distilled the message down to putting the customer at the centre. Through client collaboration an employee pack, screensavers and notepads were identified as methods of communication.

Design:  As the overriding message was one of putting customers at th centre, we developed a visual theme of "loving the client". A series of infographics were then created to concentrate on specifically target areas for behavioural and cultural change by employees. 

Create: During the c reate stage we refined the infographics and icons and used them in the creation of an employee pack, screensaver messages and notepads thereby giving them a permanent visual link to the campaign.


The campaign was initially rolled out in a test phase to limited number of employees. Following the success of this phase the campaign has now been launched throughout the UK offices and forms a key part of new employee inductions.