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CII BIBA Stand 2016


Chartered Insurance Institute


Daniel Battams-Scott

Our brief

Having agreed the physical format of the CII stand, we were engaged to develop the graphics and messaging to best utilise the chosen stand layout for the 2016 BIBA exhibition. The brief required the stand to be engaging and interactive, and in collaboration with the CII we agreed to utilise the stand to further promote and reinforce the CII Chartered status campaign.

What we did

Think: Our first step was to review the supplied drawings of the stand and consider the opportunities presented to apply the CII brand. We also reviewed their current Chartered campaign which involved looking at other agencies’ work. We then looked at how best we could incorporate this into the stand in order to create a consistent campaign across all formats.

Design: In collaboration with the CII we discussed the types of communications to use and their position on the stand in order to best promote the different aspects of Chartered. Using the initial drawings, we applied Chartered graphics to the mockups to create a full visualise the final stand. As part of the overall design, we also created a rolling presentation that was shown on the integrated television screens throughout the event. These were used to promote general CII products in more detail as well as giving Chartered its own dedicated section.

Create: Post sign off, the final stage in the process was to create print ready files and liaise with the stand production company to ensure the stand was built to the required designs and specifications.


The unique design created a professional, unusual, eye-catching stand that was successful in communicating the importance and relevance of Chartered status within today’s insurance market.