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Suzanna Bailes

Suzanna Bailes

Account Manager

Coming from a non-design background, Suzanna has been involved with the Cohesion since its formation, initially in a back office administrative function but since 2007 in a more client facing role as an Account Manager where she is responsible for looking after the needs of the clients, from taking initial briefs to ensuring delivery of end product, be that physical printed material, website elements, branded merchandise, supply of artwork to third parties. 

In her time before Cohesion, Suzanna gained over 20 years experience as a PA working at Chief Executive and Director levels across a wide variety of sectors which she succinctly sums up as "wine, women and song" having worked for a fine wine importer, a dating agency and a music school. 

Suzanna originally trained as a bi-lingual secretary and although no call for her skills in her day to day job, she passed both French shorthand and audio exams as well as being able to speak German.

In 2007, Suzanna joined Cohesion on a full time basis and it would be fair to say that she has learnt a lot about herself and the design industry in that time.

Suzanna is often the first person clients will encounter when making contact with Cohesion and it has been said that she is approachable, personable and resourceful.  Suzanna possesses a keen eye for detail and is never afraid to question where she is unsure of what is being asked, especially if it is at odds with what has been requested in the first instance.

Suzanna is seldom phased by seemingly impossible deadlines and is motivated by giving great service at all times whatever the nature and size of the job.  

When not working, Suzanna loves watching her daughter play football even if it is means getting up early on a Saturday morning. She also enjoys cross stitching - again, no creativity required, just an ability to follow instructions diligently with the end result being a beautifully crafted piece of creativity.