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Brand development

We’ll work with your company to develop a brand that successfully engages customers and stands out from your competitors. We believe in developing brands that articulate your purpose and beliefs and clearly communicates who you are, what you do and why it matters.

Brand refresh

Keeping your brand up to date ensures that you stay relevant to your customers and marketplace. Refreshing a tired or poorly positioned brand ensures your brand reflects the values your customers are looking for in a product or service. The value that your customers attach to your brand is reflective of what they will pay for it - so it needs investment to continue to provide a ROI.

Logo design 

It is widely acknowledged that your logo is not your brand, however it is a major identifier for your brand and organisation. Getting it right is therefore important. Using our expertise and defined processes we’ll explore graphics, typeface, colour and supporting messages. By involving our clients in our design processes the finished logo is an exact fit to the their needs.

Brand guidelines 

We can also produce brand guidelines. Not only do these include how to use the logo, but guidance on tone of voice and the design marketing communications, web, online and social media guidelines; and branding for areas such as work wear, the organisation’s environment and its vehicles.

Brand management

One of the biggest challenges of brand management is achieving visual and written consistency. For our medium to large clients we develop web-based systems that provide tools that allow them to achieve this. For some, it’s a system where they can create their own business stationery (business cards letter heads etc,) and once approved by their brand manager, can be sent to print and received back within 48 hrs. For other clients we provide ‘smart’ Microsoft templates (PowerPoint and Word) for presentations and pitches with pre-defined content that is managed by the brand.